About of Carisma Perú

Carismaperu is an organization whose name means friendship, generosity and love toward other people. It was established with the primary objective of improving and developing the abilities and skills of children and adolescents who live in the rural and high Andean regions of the central sierra of Peru. Carismaperu provides the essential bond between the volunteers and the least-developed communities of this region.

Carismaperu was born because we have observed and recognized the serious social problems in this area. This motivated our work with colleges, orphanages and street children using the help of foreigners who have visited the area so that their support can be directed in the most effective way possible.

Our collaboration with education and specialist social support organisations provides us with the expertise to carry out our work in the most appropriate way.

Volunteers are essential in pursuing our aims. Thanks to the efforts or our international volunteers we can help these children begin to envisage their future with optimism and dignity.

Carisma Perú is a not-for-profit organization!

Volunteering program in the highlands of Perú in Huancayo,
«Carismaperu» works with poor children and adolecents
with volunteers from all over the world.

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