How to Get to Huancayo (pick up service & by yourself)

Pick up service (optional)

After a long flight you may welcome the security of being met, transport by safe taxis and the safest and most comfortable bus service on the day-long trip to Huancayo (snack meal served aboard, the option of a comfortable aisle or window seat and video programmes).

Our optional pickup service includes:

  1. Taxi with Henry from the airport to a hostel in Lima.
  2. One night accomodation in the hostel.
  3. Breakfast.
    Taxi (accompanied by Henry) from the hostel to the bus station.
  4. Bus ticket for the very comfortable Cruz del Sur trip Lima to Huancayo.
  5. Being met at Huancayo bus station.
  6. Transport from the Huancayo bus station to your new base, our volunteeŕs house in Huancayo city.

Cost: $70

How to Get to Huancayo by yourself

If you don’t want to take the pickup service, here are some other options:

How to Take the Bus to Huancayo:

  1. From the airport, take a “Taxi Green.”
  2. Tell the taxi driver to take you to the “estacion del autobus – Cruz del Sur” (or of course you can take the taxi to a hostel if you would like to spend time in Lima).
  3. Cruz del Sur is a bus company and its web site is
  4. The taxi ride from the airport to the bus station should take about 30 minutes and cost you around 60 soles (20 dollars)
  5. The Lima to Huancayo bus ride will take about 7 hours. Depending on the day and time, the cost can be between 70 and 100 soles. You can purchase your tickets at the station itself or online.
  6. We will pick you up at the Huancayo bus station and bring you to our homestay!
    Be sure to email us to confirm your time of arrival 4-5 days before.

Taking a Plane to Huancayo:

We recommend taking the bus, but if you prefer you can take a plane from the “Jorge Chávez Airport” to Jauja, a city one hour away from Huancayo. This service only operates in the morning once a day, every day.