Our Staff

Neto and Eli

We are both young professionals who have graduated from The National University of Central Peru and have received our masters in Teaching and Management in Education. In addition, we have each completed a diploma in English.

In our professional work as teachers, we have observed and recognized the serious social problems confronting our local area.
This motivated our work in schools, orphanages and street children through the help of foreigners who have visited the area so that their support can be directed in the most effective way possible.

Our collaboration with education and social support organisations provides us with the expertise to carry out our work in the most appropriate way.

Néstor Gamarra Robles

Director Program

E-mail: nestor@carismaperu.org.pe

Elizabeth Sagua Manyari

Program Coordinator

E-mail: elizabeth@carismaperu.org.pe

Adriana Sagua Manyari

Spanish Teacher

Christian Mena

Coordinator of Tours in Cusco