Carisma Perú

Our vision

Carismaperu, in coordination with other organisations and the help of volunteers will implement a solid, stable and efficient network of support for children and teenagers in need.

Our mission

To form strategic alliances with volunteers and other organizations from all corners of the world to organize and provide dynamic support to the children in several aspects, such as education, health, practice of values and conservation of the environment.

Our aims

  1. To improve the standard of living of underprivileged children in rural areas.
  2. To promote among these children a culture of service and respect for values.
  3. To develop an interest in conservation of the environment.
  4. To support and strengthen the teaching of English in the rural regions.
  5. To help volunteers understand the reality of Andean life and circumstances.
  6. To ensure the safety and well-being of all volunteers during their stay in the program.
  7. To expand volunteer’s knowledge and fluency in the Spanish language in order to facilitate communication in their volunteer placement and with locals.
  8. To organize cultural and recreational excursions to help volunteers appreciate the cultural diversity of the surroundings and also to gain a deeper insight into the social-economic problems.