Worker Kids

Carismaperu has recently started cooperating with the House of Castilla y Leon in helping deprived kids who work in the streets of Huancayo. Having parents who struggle earning enough money to support their families – or having no parents at all – these kids supplement income by selling candies or doing acrobatics in front of cars waiting for traffic lights to change.

This Project attempts to provide alternative means for satisfying the basic needs of these children. In the house of Castilla Y Leon, supported by the mayor of El Tambo, these kids are given hot meals, celebrate holidays, receive education, and are cared for and loved in the hope of giving them the resources necessary to break the cycle of poverty. This house for working kids can sustain up to eighty kids with ages ranging from as young as three year olds to as old as fourteen year olds.

The kids are extremely affectionate and eager to learn new games or play ones they’re already familiar with. The volunteers of Carismaperu help at this project by teaching the kids English or math, playing games, sharing meals and special events and giving them the attention they lack.

Sometimes a smile is all that’s needed. Any time between 09:00 and 19:00 is a good time to go and volunteer at the House of Castilla y Leon located about 8 minutes ride from the volunteers’ residence by car. Volunteers can choose their preferable way of sharing time with the kids, be it teaching, singing, drawing, playing or just hanging out with them.

Your love and attention is what these kids need the most!